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We’re not going to lie, improving your credit is not easy and it can also depend on what shape it is in to start with. Once your consultant has reviewed your credit report(s) and accurately identified the errors and problems that need addressing in order to improve your credit, our legal team are then poised to leap into action, initiating investigations into those questionable listings in your report you want addressed, negotiating with your credit providers to address or remove them, resulting in your credit improvement. Up to 80% of credit reports are thought to have inaccuracies or missing information. Some of the ways that we can work with you on your credit improvement include:

Review and update your personal details:

Your current address, employment history and full names have to be accurate so as to prevent incorrect listings and to protect you against having your identity stolen. If we identify any errors we can contact the Credit Reporting Agency on your behalf to request them to amend any incorrect personal details.

Identify and deal with incorrect listings:

Listings made in error can include debt listed twice, accounts that belong to someone else, debts incorrectly listed as defaults or defaults that should have been removed from your credit report after the rightful duration. Our consultants are expert at spotting these errors and can contact your creditors to discuss having any incorrect or duplicate listings removed from your credit report.

Negotiate with lenders to repay or clear debts:

We can negotiate on your behalf with your provider for a repayment plan that suits you which can reduce the amount you owe and prevent debts being listed as defaults in your credit report.

Consolidate your debts:

If you are having trouble keeping up with repayments on your loans, you can consolidate them into a single debt account for easier repayments, and to prevent default listings being added to your credit report.

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